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Think Circuits partners with other like-minded innovators to actualize technology into the real world. Pushing forward technology to affect the world to better the world. With a strong foundation built by our founder, Dr. Kevin Weekly, UC Berkeley EECS Ph.D, collaborating for over a decade in cross-industry areas such as academia, robotics, electronics, advanced algorithm and software development. Accomplished experts, deep industry experience, excellent collaborators, holistic business practice. Supported by a committee of experts and authorities in the industry. We have access to onsite hardware lab, for proof-of-concept development.

Robotics, SLAM, Control Theory

Localization, Mapping, and Control: Land, water, air or space, taking your robots, autonomous vehicles or industrial fleet to the next endeavor. We can assist with implementing anything from autonomous path planning to obstacle avoidance. We have the know-how to develop and implement rich control algorithms.

Advanced Software Algorithms

Bridging theorems and academic research into real-world applications, taking technology into the next paradigm. We use Bayesian statistics, Kalman Filtering, computer vision, digital signal processing (DSP) and partial differential equations as an eloquent answer to the next frontier of computing.

AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Take real-time inputs and processing with the latest data science. We have built, trained and deployed complex architectures to big data, noisy signals, and complex systems such as BCI, biometrics, environment sensing, and computer vision problems.

Consumer Electronics

We have industry experience developing hardware to market such as wearable tech, home cleaning robots, personal EEG devices, Smart home electronics and more. We have designed advanced PCB circuits including HDI, flex, rigid-flex in demanding form-factors.

Software Development

Fluency across languages and deep experience in software architecture. We have implemented complex frameworks, GUI’s and simulations in C/C++, Python, and MATLAB. We have also created full-stack web applications using Flask/Jinja2 and Javascript.

Edge Computing

Specializing in algorithms for low-power, compute and memory constrained applications such as IoT. We have implemented advanced ML models and DSP algorithms on battery powered Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M4 platforms.

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Think Tank

We have cross industry engineering prowess, collaborating to bring Innovation. We will start by thoroughly understanding the solutions and needs and work closely with you to assess the feasibility. Through our in-house resources and outside network we can provide the necessary expertise and support.

Take Ideas to Business Fit

We will aim the lower the technological barrier to break into industry. Once a promising innovation is conceived, we can layout the path to scale it forward.


We are developing technology goals via adeptly connecting the idea to soft and hard resources to realize and bring it into action. Innovation and product development with robust technical skill and experience intuition. Develop an early idea into its first prototype. Advance a core technology into the next iteration. Put the polish in late stage design.

Holistic Business Partnership

We are mission-driven builders, taking top drawer ideas that could progress technology in a positive direction, with progressive society impacts as a driving business in society goal. We aim to serve our clients in their mission towards achieving their positive goals.

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