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Bridging Hardware, Software, And The Real World With Intelligence

Think Circuits is a technology R&D firm solving crucial real-world technical challenges, elevating the intelligence of your technology products with custom artificial intelligence and machine learning development. Gain competitive advantage with experts from the heart of Silicon Valley

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Consumer Electronics AI Design & Development

Think Circuits specializes in crafting innovative consumer electronics that captivate users and set new standards. Our team of skilled engineers and technology experts integrates advanced features and technologies into clients' products, ensuring they exceed expectations. With a track record of revolutionary solutions for industry leaders like Fitbit, iRobot, and others, we help clients stay ahead of the curve and dominate their markets.

By partnering with Think Circuits, clients gain access to unrivaled expertise, forward-thinking innovation, and tailored solutions. In the rapidly evolving world of consumer electronics, we help clients redefine their industries, set new benchmarks for excellence, and turn their visions into groundbreaking realities. Our cutting-edge engineering services and expertise ensure that products stand out in a crowded market and shape the future of their respective industries.

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Why Choose Think Circuits

Choosing Think Circuits as your partner means opting for a team that is as invested in your success as you are. With Think Circuits, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a partner dedicated to turning your innovative ideas into real-world successes.

  • Innovative Collaboration

    Our Think Tank harnesses cross-industry engineering expertise to drive innovation. We delve deep into understanding your needs, ensuring our collaboration aligns with your vision, providing support and resources.

  • Idea to Industry Transformation

    We're committed to lowering technological barriers, transforming your innovative ideas into scalable business solutions, guiding you from conception to industry breakthrough.

  • Strategic Connections

    Through strategic connections, we align your technology goals with the necessary resources, facilitating the development of early ideas into prototypes and advancing core technologies to their next phases.

  • Committed Business Partnership

    As mission-driven builders, we focus on advancing technology for societal benefit, partnering with you to achieve impactful, positive change in the world through technological progress.

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Featured Service

Empowering Innovation: Advanced Software Algorithm Solutions by Think Circuits

Whether you're tackling big data, navigating noisy signals, or unraveling complex systems, our team is equipped to deliver software that not only solves problems but also sets new benchmarks in innovation.

We're not just coders; we're pioneers, transforming complex academic research and theorems into dynamic, real-world applications that propel technology into new dimensions. Our expertise spans Bayesian statistics, Kalman Filtering, computer vision, digital signal processing (DSP), and partial differential equations, offering you solutions that are not just answers but visionary leaps into the next frontier of computing.

Algorithm Softwares
Edge Computing

Revolutionize Your Tech with Think Circuits' Edge Computing

At Think Circuits, we specialize in cutting-edge computing solutions that redefine the possibilities of technology. Our edge computing services are designed to optimize performance in low-power, compute, and memory-constrained environments, perfect for IoT applications. By implementing advanced ML models and DSP algorithms on energy-efficient platforms, we ensure your technology operates at peak efficiency, even in the most demanding scenarios.

  • IoT Device Optimization

    Unlock the full potential of your IoT devices with our tailored edge computing solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

  • Advanced ML on the Edge

    Leverage our expertise to deploy sophisticated machine learning models directly on your devices, reducing latency and improving real-time decision-making.

  • DSP Algorithms for Edge

    Experience the power of advanced digital signal processing algorithms optimized for edge computing, enhancing data accuracy and processing speed.

  • Energy-Efficient Computing

    Our edge computing services focus on minimizing power consumption while maximizing computational power, ideal for battery-powered and remote applications.

  • Real-Time Data Processing

    Transform your edge devices into powerhouses of real-time data analysis, enabling immediate insights and actions directly where data is generated.

  • Secure Edge Architecture

    Ensure the security and integrity of your edge computing applications with our robust security protocols, designed to protect data and operations even in decentralized networks.

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  • First and foremost, I was incredibly impressed with Kevin's speed and efficiency in completing the job. Communication with Kevin was seamless throughout the project. He was responsive, attentive, and kept me informed every step of the way. It was reassuring to work with someone who could convey technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Kevin was awesome to work with! Very knowledgeable and easy to collaborate with.

  • High quality work delivered in a timely fashion