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Meet the Minds Behind Innovation: Our Expertise Unveiled

Welcome to Think Circuits. We are a dedicated team of technology specialists committed to transforming innovative ideas into practical, real-world applications. Our collective, led by an accomplished UC Berkeley EECS Ph.D. graduate, brings together a wealth of expertise in various fields such as robotics, software development, and advanced algorithms.

Our mission is clear: to provide robust technological solutions that address the complex needs of our clients. Whether it's developing an intricate software algorithm or enhancing robotic functionalities, our approach is grounded in thorough research and collaborative problem-solving.

Whether you are looking to bring a new product to market or seeking to optimize existing technologies, we are here to lend our expertise and guide you toward achieving your technological ambitions. Let's collaborate to create solutions that not only meet the current demands of your industry but also anticipate future challenges.

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Meet The Dedicated Team Behind Think Circuits

  • kevin weekly
    Kevin Weekly Founder Of Think Circuits

    Kevin is a seasoned technologist with a PhD in EECS from UC Berkeley, a double major in EE and CS from UT Dallas, and over a decade of industry experience. With a robust background in robotic systems, encompassing aquatic vehicles, autonomous lawnmowers, industrial AMRs, car-carrying robots, and autonomous trucks, Kevin combines scientific expertise with hands-on knowledge in robot perception and SLAM. His proficiency extends to digital signal processing, where he pioneered Fitbit Research’s next-gen heart rate algorithm. As the CEO of Think Circuits, Kevin leverages his broad skill set, which also includes PCB circuit design and embedded software development, to help clients achieve their technological visions. Kevin’s commitment to innovation continues to drive advancements in every new venture.


Advisors & Contributors

  • donna weekly
    Donna Weekly Founder, Organizational Leadership

    Donna is a versatile professional with a broad interest across fields. Holding a degree in Geography, Political Economies from UC Berkeley, she’s currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology, demonstrating her commitment to understanding human behavior. As a managing member of Think Circuits, Donna’s leadership shines in building high-functioning teams, driving business development, and applying her keen insights into social psychology. With a passion for both the human mind and the dynamics of successful organizations, Donna continues to make meaningful contributions at the intersection of psychology, business, and team development.

  • donna weekly
    David Burnett, PhD Advisor

    David has been designing wireless sensor systems for nearly two decades, specializing in integrated circuits since his PhD in EECS from UC Berkeley. During his PhD he pioneered a fully integrated wireless sensor mote requiring only a battery and antenna to form an independent sensor system including integration with a harmful gas sensor. Prior to his PhD he focused on PCB-based sensor system design for oceanographic applications. He earned a BS and MS in EE from University of Washington, designed and fielded coastal sensor systems at Sandia National Labs, served as electrical engineer and pilot for underwater robots deployed to Antarctica, designed wearable health monitors, and taught embedded systems. David is a former consultant at Exponent Inc. where he advised a variety of technology and legal clients on the design and failure modes of integrated circuits, consumer and industrial electronics, and medical devices. David serves as an advisor to Think Circuits and is a tenure-track ECE faculty member at Portland State University where he teaches and directs the WEST research group in the areas of integrated circuits and wireless environmental sensor systems.

  • person
    Michael Lorek, PhD Expert - electrical and electronics engineering

    Michael is a PhD (Berkeley EECS), inventor and entrepreneur with 10+ year industry experience. Michael’s engineering expertise spans the hardware and software stacks used to acquire actionable data from sensors, including low-noise analog circuit design, embedded systems, system architecture, power management, energy harvesting, PCB design, IC design, firmware, analog/digital signal processing, machine learning, wireless networking, and cloud computing. He has years of experience bringing hardware ideas to life from conception through lab proof-of-concept, system integration, and manufacturing in early-stage startups. Experienced with clients as an engineering consultant. Contributions to major companies such as AMD, Qualcomm, and NIST. He holds five US patents.

  • person
    Suraj Gowda, PhD Expert - Machine Learning and biomedical engineering

    Suraj’s (PhD Berkeley, EECS) technical expertise is deriving useful metrics from sensors and spans the domains of data science, signal processing, machine learning and implementation of these algorithms in systems that involve embedded system targets. His experience has involved many different types of biosignals for a variety of physiological sensing applications, including brain-machine interfaces to assist communication and mobility for those afflicted by paralysis, sleep apnea detection and other sleep quality measures on fitbit devices, and ultrasound wireless power for tiny medical implants. Suraj’s 8+ years of industry experience have involved new product development of class II and class III medical devices, including most recently at iota Biosciences where as a founding engineer he helped scale the product development efforts as the company expanded from 15 employees to more than 150 and developed systems for late-stage preclinical testing. He has years of experience in multiple domains bringing sensing-based projects from idea to prototype and beyond.

  • hiten
    Hiten Product and Organizational Development Leader

    Hiten has over two decades of experience leading program teams up to 150 people and program budgets up to $60M. His teams have designed 10+ different products across B2B, B2G and B2C industries and shipped over 4 million units. Hiten helps our clients accelerate product development using iterative approaches, cutting MVP scope and adopting a sales-driven product management strategy. Hiten supports Think Circuits as an expert in taking prototypes to mass production, including product verification, regulatory compliance, contract manufacturer selection and cost optimization. Clients can also reach out to Hiten for assistance in organization design, process development and program management. Finally, Hiten is a technical expert for Think Circuits in FPGA design.

Development Team

  • perry
    Perry Developer

    Perry is a systems engineer, trained in mechanical, computer and electrical engineering. He supports Think Circuits as a developer and research assistant. His skills and background include applying physics-informed machine learning to estimation problems, experimental design and execution, full-stack development, C/C++, Python, and iOS app development. Perry holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, a B.S. in ME and minor in Computer Science also from the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Michael Pihulic
    Michael Pihulic Developer

    Michael is a seasoned systems engineer with experience in digital and hardware product development in the medical space and over a decade of industry experience. As part of a startup, he helped bring to market one of the world's first wireless patient monitoring systems, LEAF, for pressure injury prevention and designed and developed the algorithms and platform used to monitor performance. Using data collected by the LEAF system as part of a randomized clinical trial, he coauthored one of the first papers demonstrating quantitatively that turning can reduce the incidence of pressure injuries. Prior to working in medical devices, he worked as an environmental engineer designing and developing systems to remediate groundwater. Michael holds degrees in CEE from both MIT and Stanford.

  • perry
    Kaung Si Thu Developer

    Kaung is a computer science software engineer, supporting Think Circuits as a full-time developer and research assistant. His background spans the software development spectrum including software infrastructure, cloud, cryptography, IoT, operating system kernels, and databases. His proficiencies include WebRTC, MQTT, C/C++, and Python. Along with skills in computer science engineering, Kaung spreads his enthusiasm for computer science in continuing mentorship and volunteering roles. Kaung holds a degree in EECS from UC Berkeley.

  • First and foremost, I was incredibly impressed with Kevin's speed and efficiency in completing the job. Communication with Kevin was seamless throughout the project. He was responsive, attentive, and kept me informed every step of the way. It was reassuring to work with someone who could convey technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Kevin was awesome to work with! Very knowledgeable and easy to collaborate with.

  • High quality work delivered in a timely fashion