Vibrations All Around Us 1: Introduction

Introduction Here at Think Circuits, much of what we do involves measuring and analyzing signals using computational methods.  This is why we call it Digital Signal Processing (DSP).  In this blog series, we will give a taste of some DSP techniques and apply them to some real-world motivating examples. This series is primarily for those who are interested or wondering about how signal processing can be applied to new industries or applications.  If you have a frontier application that could use sensing or automation and want deep expertise to take it to the next level, please reach out. Topic of…

Research and Development into Novel Wearable/AI interfaces

Architected and implemented a custom wearable research platform capturing electrical bio signals such as EEG, EMG, EKG and PPG. Included implementing realtime firmware using ESP-IDF and appropriate signal capture and analysis in Python. Collaborated with other team members to ensure a mechanical fit between the circuit boards and enclosures. Designed a second iteration which was a product proof-of-concept, utilizing HDI multilayer PCB processes to minimize the device into the smallest possible footprint. Firmware development for this concept utilizing STM32 and bluetooth classic stack.

System Architecture for Wirelessly Charged Carts

For this project, Think Circuits assisted in the formulation of system requirements, architecture design, and component selection to effectively integrate wireless charging capabilities into an indoor cart. On top of this, we facilitated the resourcing of parts through various vendors to get reduce the overall cost of the produce. Currently, the product is being brought to production using this design of the system!

Heating Device Development

Think Circuits designed a novel battery powered heating device for a particular niche use case. The device currently has orders exceeding 1000 units and is garnering significant interest from customers involved in this niche.

Invention of a Novel Automotive Sensor

Using first principles analysis, Think Circuits devised a Proof-of-Concept novel sensing mechanism for vehicles to interact with traffic control devices. To do this, we conducted experiments and used Digital Signal Processing to architect a prototype design. The prototype is currently being used to pursue as a patent application.