Hardware and Algorithm Solutions For Startups

We are team of talented engineers and researchers realizing proof-of-concepts for small startups

Services & Skills

Think Circuits is a boutique consultancy and design services firm dedicated to helping small startups bring their ideas to life. With a strong foundation built by our founder, Kevin Weekly, an EECS Ph.D. scientist from the University of California Berkeley, we possess over a decade of industry experience in areas such as robotics, signal processing, and embedded systems.

Localization, Mapping, and Control

We can assist with implementing anything from autonomous path planning to obstacle avoidance. We have the know-how to develop and implement rich control algorithms.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

We posses a large toolkit of DSP algorithms and projects to source from to find meaning in whatever data and signal processing challenges you’re facing.

Machine Learning (ML)

Across our team, we have built, trained and deployed machine learning solutions for biometrics, dynamic system state estimation, and computer vision problems


We have industry experience developing wearable tech for FitBit as well as experience with well known Brain Machine Interface companies.

Software Development

We have implemented complex frameworks, GUI’s and simulations in C/C++, Python, and MATLAB.

Embedded Systems

We posses extensive experience in PCB design and Software Development via kiCAD, Altium and C/C++.

What you’ll get working with us:

Understanding the Problem

We will start by thoroughly understanding the problem at hand. We will work closely with you to assess the feasibility of achieving your goals and determine if we can provide the necessary expertise and support. If needed, we will request some time to de-risk the problem and ensure a viable solution.

Identifying Critical Path

We will break down your overall goal into sub-goals or subsystems. This process allows us to identify the critical path and prioritize the most essential components of your product so we can develop those subsystems independently. If breaking down the subsystems is not a clear task, we will work more closely on the solution.

Adapting to Changing Goals

Sometimes the goalpost moves and what you need from us will change. If long-term design choices are required, we can bring our expertise to make informed decisions that align with your product’s vision and objectives. Alternatively, for smaller subsystems or quick solutions, we can provide efficient and effective problem-solving, offering timely resolutions to specific challenges.

Future Support

We will continue to support your work on an as-needed basis. Whether you need assistance with tuning you product from user feedback, or bringing your newly acquired team up to speed when it’s time to pass the reigns. We’ve got you!